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It's On The Way...A Declaration of My Faith
Lord, I know healing for me and my family is on the way. I know deliverance from financial strain is on the way. I know a deeper level in you is on...
Who's Covering You?
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I've learned the hard way that there is peace in being still and quiet, letting God cover me and not everything else. It turns out I'm not alone. T...
My Way
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I know! I know! I did it wrong. I'm not suppose to post selfies 😕 and have to use the right filters and lighting.🤦‍♀️Oh well, I don't always do wha...
The Struggle Is Real And So Is God
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Life sometimes hits us hard, and we find ourselves struggling to get out of bed, struggling to care, struggling to make it through the day. I kn...
Hard To Heal
This is very personal to me, and I share it in hopes it will help others. We speak on how important it is to heal from our past. However, what if ...
Mercy For My Mess

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